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Family travel

0 %
of UK mums aren't considering booking a holiday abroad
0 %
are considering booking a UK holiday instead
0 %
would upgrade their existing car or buy a new one to take a family holiday
0 %
will be travelling to Europe first

We surveyed over 2,000 mums in the Your Baby Club network to discover more about their travel plans, this year and beyond.

The data tells the story of how the pandemic has shifted perspectives on family holidays, from location, right through to accommodation and transport.


  • ¾ of mums surveyed aren’t considering booking a holiday abroad
  • Over 50% are considering a UK holiday instead
  • Self-catering is viewed as the most appealing type of holiday package
  • More than 2/3 of mums are expecting to take the same amount of holidays as they did before the pandemic

Mums & Moms

0 %
of mums in the UK and U.S. have made between 4 - 7 online purchases over the past month
0 %
of U.S. mums have been bulk-buying groceries
0 %
of U.S. mums buy gender-specific baby toys, against only a third of UK mums
0 %
of mums in both countries consider price/value the most important purchase factor

With lockdown restrictions being eased at different rates around the globe, brands and their marketing teams are having to adjust rapidly to evolving consumer behaviours and shifting priorities.

Our Mums & Moms survey was designed to compare the lives and purchasing habits of mums in the UK and United States since the pandemic started.


  • U.S. mums are 71% more likely to purchase products from second hand online marketplaces
  • UK mums consider recommendations the most important influencer, while U.S. mums rate online reviews highest
  • Toys ranked as more important than TV/entertainment by U.S. mums


0 %
of mums are using online resources including learning games, quizzes, tests, videos as teaching aids
0 %
of mums are spending more than usual on products like food, clothes, luxuries and toys
0 %
think online connections with other mums are important to stay reassured
0 %
choose online reviews as the first port of call when buying a product

Our COVID-19 survey paints a picture of exactly how the pandemic has been shaping consumer habits and the evolving day-to-day lives of mums in the UK.


  • Clothes/baby clothes and home improvement seen as highest priority items after food shopping
  • 95% of mums consider recommendations and online reviews the biggest influences on purchasing
  • 35% of mums also admit to bulk buying food during the pandemic

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