Your Baby Club is evolving

FanFinders has launched the new Your Baby Club website in the UK and US, representing the first step in an exciting evolution.

As we embrace our platform’s capabilities and put members first, this rebrand and key UX upgrades are the start of a journey over the coming months to better encapsulate our community’s values and celebrate individual parenting experiences via our technology. 

By doing this, we hope to make our club a showcase and reshape how our millions of members interact daily with content, offers and resources from both ourselves and our brand partners. 

Tailored Experiences

75% of new and expectant parents in the UK, already engage with our community and our American network is rapidly growing too, with 35% of families choosing Your Baby Club. Each family on our network has their own unique path, and we want to celebrate that with the service we offer. 

To respond to this and to champion Your Baby Club’s core values of fair data exchange, honest content and a tailored experience for every member, we will be delivering AI-enhanced personalisation for our members from early 2023. 

This means that the advice articles, offers, tools and information members see during each visit, will all be shaped for them, and be relevant to their stage of pregnancy or parenting.

Just the beginning

But this is just the start, as we aim to make our community a cornerstone for new parents at every life stage and deliver the best platform possible.

Over the coming months, we have a roadmap of incredible features that will keep adding to how members enjoy Your Baby Club and the ways brands can connect with parents via the platform.

We’ll be sharing updates on these features as they launch, but here’s an idea of what you can expect…

  • Personalised member views
  • Bespoke content targeting by life-stage
  • Integrated week-by-week sponsorships
  • Clever integrated widgets and tools
  • Suggestion engines

If you have any questions about how your brand can feature on Your Baby Club or want to find out more information about what’s coming, get in touch below.

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