Need an alternative to Facebook ads?

Are you over-reliant on Facebook? Is it getting too expensive?

The platform was only down for 6 hours during the recent blackout, but were you still be able to reach your customers? Did you have multiple touchpoints and platforms available to use instead?

We’ll keep it simple. If you’re operating in parenting and baby, here’s why you should consider using our platform to reach your target audience:

We can cut down your CPA by fixing your costs and deliver hyper-targeted leads at scale.

Need a little more convincing? That’s OK.

You can download our free report on Facebook’s rising costs below and here are 3 reasons to start thinking about using alternatives to Facebook:

What marketers are saying...

87% of marketers said their Facebook advertising costs have increased since the start of the pandemic.

*LinkedIn poll, July 2021

Facebook costs outpace results

To compete, marketers must diversify their ad spend and turn elsewhere to reach new audiences and inventory.

Remarketing in a cookieless world

Apple’s iOS updates will soon allow opt-outs of tracking across apps and websites, meaning Facebook lead generation could become even more expensive for less.

Testing new channels

Marketing is all about trying different strategies to find new ways to increase your profits.

Considering that the quality of leads vs. existing costs isn’t always in line with KPIs, why not boost your online visibility by leveraging more platforms and channels?

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Can Facebook still deliver ROI and ROAS? We analyse rising costs on the platform and explore alternatives.

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