Kiera Mann SEO Copywriter

Team Spotlight – Meet Kiera

Name: Kiera Mann

Title: SEO Copywriter

Years with the company: 2 months

Tell us a bit about your role

I’m an SEO copywriter so a lot of my role is focused around writing optimised content for the website, helping to re-optimise existing content, and then helping out with email campaigns and other copywriting that’s needed. It’s a super varied role which I love, working on different things every day.

And how did you get there? 

So I studied English Lit & History at University and always kind of knew I wanted to do something with writing when I finished studying- I just wasn’t sure what that looked like.

But whilst I was there I got a chance to do some freelance copywriting and really enjoyed it. From there I knew that it was the marketing side of writing I wanted to go down. I just love how copywriting and SEO work combines the two practices. It’s like the data-driven side of creative writing.

What do you like about FanFinders?

It’s been a good start! Everyone makes you feel like part of the team right away. And it’s been Interesting to see and learn what everybody does- everyone is super talented at what they do.

Coming from a huge company in my last role, I also love the openness and how easy it is to reach out to anyone by just dropping them a message. It makes such a difference, especially when working remotely.

As we’re fully remote, where in world you ideally work from?

I’d probably do a different country every month if that’s an option? But probably somewhere in the south of France, maybe in a gorgeous villa looking out over the sea where I could walk down for a lunch time swim.

You mentioned growing up near the Lake District before – are there any hidden gems our readers might be able to check out while there?

There are so many amazing places to walk/eat/shop! It’s definitely not that hidden but the Grasmere Gingerbread Shop is a must if you’re nearby. It has amazing gingerbread but the fudge is the best.

And if you’re stopping for dinner, BAHA is my favourite for an evening meal with amazing Asian street food dishes.


And as we mentioned bao buns around there before – if you had to pick a last meal, what would it be and why?

I love seafood so it would probably have to be sushi related. Maybe a dragon roll or spicy tuna roll. Some gyozas & prawn tempura too (everything basically!)

I also have a huge sweet tooth so would probably have to be a super indulgent dessert…probably sticky toffee pudding with cream 


Any hidden talents? 

I wouldn’t say I’ve ever been the most creative person (apart from writing skills I hope). But I’ve recently started some DIY bits around the house, and have been upcycling some old second hand vases, lamps and things.


And if you had to start a business from one of those places -what would it be and why? 

Something animal related! My dream would be to have a huge dog related complex. Sort of  like a one-stop-shop for dog owners. Shelter, groomers, vets, pet shop, animal friendly cafe, all in one place where I could just spend all of my days playing with the dogs!


Speaking of island life… If you were on a desert island, what three things are you bringing? 

Following on from that, not sure if it’s cruel to say I’d bring my dog. Moral support reasons only, as he would be absolutely no help with survival.  And also my kindle (provided this desert island has electricity and wifi..maybe a big assumption to make). And a knife is probably a good idea to throw a practical one in there.

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