Team Spotlight – Meet Eemaan

Name: Eemaan Beardon

Title: Creative Designer

Years with the company:  6 ½ 

Tell us a bit about your role

I work on the creative team and am responsible for producing whatever designs the team needs. It ranges from images and assets for the website right down to physical materials for exhibitions too. 

 How has your experience been since joining 6 years ago? 

It’s been really cool to see the company grow from our little shoebox office to now fully remote and with new things coming too. 

But you did return to uni for a bit, right?

Hang on- I’ll get the timeline right.

I moved down to London for a job because there were loads of opportunities there. And then after my apprenticeship I was offered a role. So, after a few years FanFinders helped me go part time so I could finish uni. After graduating they said they’d really like me back again and I’ve been here since!

You picked up a few hidden talents there, right?

I’ve been known to bind books! You can basically do it with any type of book. It was a discovery at uni that really turned my experience around. I went from not enjoying my first year to finding something that I really loved. All because my print teacher let me have free reign to try it. 

It opened a can of worms and my friend and I spent every spare moment in the print room working away at binding cool projects. We were such selfish artists haha, people would come in to use the room but we’d have our projects everywhere!

Here’s some of Eemaan’s bindings!

Any others?

I’m really good at identifying a musical composition from a film. I’m basically Sherlock but for musical scores haha!

You’ve got a lot of interests, but if you had to start a YouTube channel, what are you thinking?

I think probably those or be one of those like cliche artists and just basically did like time lapse videos. But honestly I feel like I’d love to do appreciation videos for artwork I find appealing. Basically just tell people how beautiful Studio Ghibli films are.

And if you could move your desk to anywhere else in the world? 

I think I’d do six months in the English countryside. Somewhere like Devon or Dartmoor, and then six months somewhere hot and exotic for a bit of balance.

Speaking of exotic locations, what 3 items are you bringing if you’re stranded on a desert island? 

Suncream, sketchbook and probably a book on plant foraging.

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