Survey reveals UK parents turning to family motors

Demand driven by attitudes to travel during the pandemic and buying habits among new parents suggests a busy year ahead for the motoring market.

Among the insights revealed by our survey of over 5000 Your Baby Club members is that since the arrival of their little one, 53% of parents have changed their vehicle to a more ‘family-friendly’ car or are currently in the market for one.

As for what type of vehicles Brits are seeking to purchase for family use, ‘hatchbacks’ and ‘SUV/Crossovers’ lead the way, followed by ‘estates’ and ‘4x4s’.

Safety concerns and convenience are at the forefront of decision making – 78% would consider adding further safety features to their vehicle since becoming a parent.

When ranking the most important factors in choosing a car seat, ‘compatibility with vehicle and ease of installation’ came
second only to ‘safety features’; and ahead of the likes of ‘price’ or ‘recommendations’.

But, who’s actually making the final call? Over 90% of total respondents in the survey were mums and 87% said they were heavily involved in the decision and purchase of the family car.

Four-wheel travel

COVID-19 has UK parents thinking about holidaying closer to home, when restrictions allow.

Over half (54%) of parents surveyed are considering a holiday in Britain, while shifting perspectives can also be seen in the types of accommodation and holiday packages that are most appealing.

Self-catering is viewed as the best type of holiday package – over 50% more popular than all-inclusive – and caravans/motorhomes are seen as the second most attractive accommodation for family trips.

The result of this is parents evaluating their current set of wheels.

Over 20% said their current car either isn’t suitable for taking family holidays and over 40% of parents would upgrade their existing car or buy a new one to take a family holiday.

Car-hire is also set to be popular, with almost half (47%) saying they would consider hiring a larger car to take a trip.

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