Our story

Every great adventure involves a journey. This is ours.

The inspiration

In early 2012, having been on the receiving end of incessant phone calls, emails and junk mail after having children, our founders set out to evolve marketing to parents.

The objective

Your Baby Club UK launched in 2013 on the FanFinders data platform with one simple objective: permission based marketing to parents through 1st party consent and consumer choice with zero spam.

The journey

Since launch, we’ve gained over 2.5 million members and have over 80% of the UK baby market as members. We’ve also launched Your Baby Club US (33%+ of the market within 12 months) and are preparing to launch in the EU.

The solution

For over 50 years, parents had their personal information mined in doctors' surgeries and hospitals and it was sold to anybody who wanted to buy it for marketing, profiling and general spam.

Now, we can connect brands with parents who want what they have to offer.

Let our members choose you

Fully CCPA & GDPR compliant, we put privacy first and have never failed to meet compliance criteria with over 40 direct brand partners now on our roster.

The FanFinders platform now manages content, campaigns and offers bespoke analytics for partners.

Start making connections today.