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The 3 freshest tools our teams are using

The 3 Freshest Tools Our Teams Love

Great new tools to boost your efficiency

You’ve got loads to do and not enough bandwidth to scour the internet for the easiest ways to do it, right?

Well don’t worry. You can have these 3 tips on us. Here’s the freshest tools our teams have been using (and loving!) See which ones can turn your productivity up a notch…

1) AIPRM for ChatGPT

So we’re all getting fluent with all the ways ChatGPT can help you boost your marketing efforts. But there’s loads of ways you can speed your processes up, by turning multi-stage requests into a simple template. 

So rather than ask incrementally, or miss out key stages, you can just tell Chat to ‘write me a fully optimized SEO article’. 

It’s also fantastic as a base for if you’re creating something new. If you happened to be unfamiliar with creating a content calendar, for example, it will give you the first key steps in building one. 

Try it here: 


2) Otter AI

If any of you had tried transcribing something a few years back, you’d know what a pain it would be. You’d basically have to pay for a free service or blunder your way through an ill-fitting tool that didn’t work at all. 

In comes the swinging tide of AI that has completely shaken up the game. Get near accurate transcriptions in seconds. Perfect if you need to grab some key info from an old meeting recording or just to take the minutes of a recent one.

 Try it here: 


3) Sybill AI

And while we’re talking about AI meeting assistants, Sybill really ups the game. Its emotional intelligence and AI mixed into the perfect sales assistant. They’ll tell you exactly how engaged your meeting was, so you can know which minute of your pitch didn’t quite land. 

It’ll also automatically note-take and summarise any key steps or actions from the meeting. Incredible, right? 

Try it here: 


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