Your Baby Club is Evolving: Personalisation

The latest rollout includes personalisation updates that will reflect and celebrate the individual parenting journeys that our users take. 

Personalised Changes

The latest batch of updates are already in place, meaning that parents signing into their accounts will see a fully personalised homepage with distinct results and visuals, all powered by our in-house AI.

New Your Baby Club homepage personalised

These steps are part of an ongoing UX upgrade to better encapsulate our community’s values and celebrate our users’ parenting journeys via our technology. This exciting new tech allows us to deliver content at the perfect moment for each and every one of our parents.

As well as that, other features include suggested daily offers that allow parents to maximise the value they’re gaining from using Your Baby Club, but also provides opportunities for brands like yours to showcase your products to the most relevant demographic or segment possible.

These latest changes reflect our ambition to create a truly personalised user experience for our members. The offers, tools and information that they will see during each visit will be designed for them and celebrate their individual parenting journey.

More Coming

But that’s just the start, as we aim to make our community a cornerstone for new parents at every life stage and deliver the best platform possible.

Over the coming months, we have a roadmap of incredible features that will keep adding to how members enjoy Your Baby Club and the ways brands can connect with parents via the platform.

We’ll be sharing updates on these features as they launch, but here’s an idea of what you can expect…

  • Bespoke content targeting by life-stage
  • Integrated week-by-week sponsorships
  • Clever integrated widgets and tools
  • Suggestion engines

If you have any questions about how your brand can feature on Your Baby Club or want to find out more information about what’s coming, get in touch today.

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