Team Spotlight – Meet Kim

Name:  Kimberly Connors

Title: US Managing Editor: Parenting & Baby

Years with the Company: 9 months

Tell us a bit about your role…

There’s always random, fun tasks here and there, but I mostly assign articles, manage a team of writers, edit and publish content, and write content for the site.

And how did you get there? 

I’ve been an editor for more than 15 years. I did a similar job for another company prior to Your Baby Club, and when I heard YBC was hiring, I knew it would be a good fit for me.

What were your first impressions of FanFinders?

A great environment! I love everyone I work with. Everyone is so kind, and there’s such a huge importance placed on family coming first, which is what I need because, when I started working here, I’d recently had a baby.

You mentioned your first degree was split between journalism and dance- how was that!?

I grew up dancing. I was a dancer first (I even went to a performing arts high school for dance), and a writer second. When I got to college, I couldn’t decide which to pursue, so I did both and got dual degrees.

And what kind of dance captivates you?

All of it! But mostly ballet first, and then modern, or contemporary dance. Though I did do a little West African dance over the years and that was fun (and funny), so I have a soft spot for West African as well.

And as you’re in the States, have you seen Strictly Come Dancing? 

I haven’t! I’ll have to check that out! I watched So You Think You Can Dance for many years, but I eventually stopped because it hurt my heart a little bit to see them performing, knowing I was done with that phase of my life. That and all of the new, younger kids were crazy skilled!

Speaking of bingeable content, are you spending more time on Netflix or Spotify?

Netflix. When you have a newborn at home, you’re up at all hours of the night and a good binge-worthy show can help.

But you also discovered you could paint at 33. What do you love painting the most?

Yeah, that was a life-changing discovery. I love painting dancers the most. It feels like a new way to dance, it’s just on paper. I also paint a lot of athletes and portraits. I do watercolor paintings, but every now and then I’ll take acrylic and do an abstract painting to sort out my feelings.

Here are some of Kim’s paintings! 

As we’re fully remote, where in the world would you ideally log in from? 

From the top floor of a beautiful beachfront home, at a desk in front of a huge window with a clear view overlooking the ocean. It’s a huge room, with a wooden floor and a wall-length mirror for dancing. Is that too specific? Because I think that would be perfect!

And finally, If you were on a desert island, what three things are you bringing and why?

 A blank sketchbook, my children (this counts as one thing, even though I have two children), and my husband (because he’d be very sad if I didn’t include him … even though flint would be very useful for starting fires).

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