Team Spotlight – Meet Ginger

Name:  Ginger Martinez

Title: Strategic Relationships & Alliances

Years with the Company: 1 month

Tell us a bit about your role…

I was the Publisher Director at my previous job and Fanfinders was my provider for quality leads. When I decided to make a career change, we spoke about many different roles. We decided to help find and develop client acquisitions and strategic alliances. Now I am on the opposite side of the equation and offer clients a platform to showcase their brands. I have about 20 years’ experience in this industry. I know my way around. I hope I have another 20 years to offer to this company and an amazing industry that has helped me develop so many successful relationships.

Whereabouts are you based? 

I live in Florida (about half an hour from the beach and north of Fort Lauderdale.) I was actually born and raised in Venezuela. When I graduated college, I packed my stuff to come here for better opportunities. I always wanted to have a big job, work hard and live the American Dream. I have never lived anywhere else in the US and have only seen snow a few times in my life. As a Latin woman, I still enjoy the tropical weather that Florida has to offer (minus hurricane season) but nothing is perfect, we just need to adapt.

You mentioned you liked going on the bike and hiking?

I like being outdoors as much as I can. I walk my dog, go for long walks, enjoy riding my bike, & working out outside (weather permitted.) Entering Summer that part is getting harder. Last weekend got up to 104 degrees (37°C).

You work in our American team, with a lot of UK colleagues. How do you find it?

I love getting to know both parts of the teams. We all have different targets but the same goals in mind……the success of the company. There are more interactions with the UK team in the morning and then I usually take a break. I may go to the gym or yoga studio then come back to work with my US team. I like having that little mental break in between.

As we work remotely, where would you ideally put your desk?

I’d have to say Kauai. I lived on an island before and it is priceless. Kauai is the most beautiful island I have ever been to and as I continue to travel, I am sure many more will steal my heart. I could see myself working remotely there.
If you haven’t been, here’s what Kauai looks like…


Have you travelled much?

I have in North-Central and South America, including some Caribbean islands but I have never been to Europe. That will change this summer as I’m planning a trip to Italy in August for my birthday.

Tell us about it!

I have been working on this itinerary for a while. I’m going to do a Tour of Italy that will include Rome, Milan, Tuscany, Naples, Siena, Sicily, and many places in between. I will say my favorite stops will be Venice, Capri and the Amalfi Coast. My favorite hotel, as of right now, is Casa Ruffino. It is very well known for the Vineyards and views of the Tuscan countryside.

Wow, sounds like the trip of a lifetime!
Speaking of exotic destinations, if you had to bring 3 items to a desert island, what would they be? 

I would have to say a bathing suit, knife and a hammock!

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