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Majority of UK families think that electric cars are still too expensive

Over half (55%) of UK families believe that cost is the main reason more people don’t own electric or hybrid cars, while 85% think that household income is the biggest barrier to owning an electric car.

Electric cars are a key part of the UK’s plan to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050 and alleviate the climate crisis, with the government announcing last year that sales of new petrol and diesel cars would be banned by 2030.

However, our recent survey of over 3,000 parents in the Your Baby Club network has revealed that consumers still need convincing.

What do families want?

According to responses, only 13% of families currently own an electric or hybrid vehicle and 50% are undecided on whether their next vehicle will be petrol or electric.

When buying a car, factors such as cost, reliability, safety features and size are all considered more important for families than environmental impact. Only brand reputation ranked lower.

But there is appetite to switch. 

86% of families have some interest in owning an electric or hybrid car in the future and over a third (35%) expect their next vehicle to be electric or hybrid.

What’s the attraction? 59% believe the biggest benefit of owning an electric or hybrid vehicle is reducing pollution, while for 20% it’s saving money on fuel and maintenance.

75% of parents also think that owning a ‘cleaner’ vehicle is important to teach their children about sustainability.

What needs to change?

A big factor is price. 89% of families said they would buy an electric or hybrid car if it was the same price as a petrol vehicle.

More options and incentives could also make the switch attractive to modern families. 

Over 85% think that carmakers should provide more types of electric vehicles and over 60% agree there should be tax rebates for electric cars available to all consumers, utility companies should offer discount rates for electric car charging and the UK government should invest in more charging stations.

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