Unlocking lifetime value with smart lead management

How to maximise value from new leads

Creating lifetime value is a wonderful thing for any brand. You’ve done your job of taking a lead and nurturing them through to brand advocacy and now you can rest easy at night, knowing that you’ve done your job well.

But it’s not an easy thing to achieve. You don’t just drop fresh leads into your marketing funnels and expect them to blossom into lifetime customers. It’s a nuanced process with some clear winning strategies, but all very achievable with the right level of planning.

So we’ve been analysing some of the proven strategies that we’ve seen work, so you can know how best to nurture your fresh leads.

Establishing a goal & scoring it

Life would be nothing without an overall goal, right? The same is true of your marketing objectives. You need to think about what you want to achieve from the off, to shape how you approach everything.

And while you’re assessing, developing, a scoring system to place your leads is a really effective way of monitoring how far along they are to your goals.


If you’re building out segmentation, it’s best to think of the unique context of your business.
Don’t just assume new leads will give you their full value, especially if there are ways to modify your approach for each smaller segment.

With fresh leads you’ve got a blank slate, but that doesn’t mean a unified strategy. Think about the best way to nurture these, specific to your business, and then go out and implement it.

Lead Nurturing Campaigns

There are loads of ways in which you can maximise the value of your leads through nurturing campaigns. 

You can build educational campaigns designed to showcase how your brand can help, but also to highlight service offerings that aren’t as visible. This is a great example of where a good segmentation works best, because you can really maximise the sales potential of each campaign, by highlighting what you do best to customers that might not already know…


We all know the power of promotions. But nurturing leads around these and slowly building them through the funnel will lead to far greater added value. We’ve seen some great examples of promotional campaigns recently, including one done by our brand partner Center Parcs, who actively took our lead generation and carefully nurtured them through for fantastic results.

Full details

Ultimately, the importance of nurturing leads centres on not leaving potential on the table. You’ve spent resources and effort to get to this stage, so why not make sure you’re getting the most out of it? 

And by actively managing leads in this way, you’re not selling your own potential short, and optimising for higher lifetime value from leads that absolutely have the potential to be unlocked.

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