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Digital Diets & How Customers are Training their Algorithm

Your customers are starting to consider digital diets, building their own curated feeds across all channels. Here’s how your marketing can respond.

What is a Digital Diet?


A digital diet aims to account for the kind of content we consume online. You can consider it like a food diet, with some bits being healthy, but some definitely not. But without actively curating your content, you can be led by algorithms towards content that doesn’t serve your goals. 


And we all know the omnipresent algorithm doesn’t always give consumers stuff they want or need, so it’s natural that they are looking at ways to take charge of their attention. 


Consumers are moving away from passive consumption. They want to actively curate their feeds to stuff that brings them true value, which has huge implications for marketing to them. 

Please Mind the Attention Gap

The gap between what consumers want to see and what they get served by algorithms is massive. But it provides an opportunity to not lose out on their attention, but rather adapt your content to meet their needs even better.

Where users are seeking content that matters to them, the answer could be to personalise their content to be specific and useful.

By doing so, you not only keep your products at the forefront of your customers’ minds in a way that they can actively engage with, but you also provide them a greater value exchange.

The world of marketing doesn’t need to be based on attention predation, but can be built on an exchange of value, around the things your customers want to know, which will ultimately encourage them to buy from your brand.

Subtle but Effective Personalisation

Great personalised content is subtle but effective. It meets your customers at different stages of the customer journey and provides them with content that they want to hear about. By doing so, you prime your brand for when that customer is ready to make a purchase.

There are lots of options: Email campaigns that move customers along the funnel can play a crucial part, as well as personalised offers that help conversion. But you can also meet them more passively with tailored blog content and influencer marketing, in order to promote your brand identity.

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