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ChatGPT – Are you ready to sink or swim?

How to leverage ChatGPT into your marketing and not get left behind.

ChatGPT: The Power of OpenAI’s Language Model at Your Fingertips.

In this blog, we will dive into the cutting-edge technology behind ChatGPT and explore its potential to revolutionise the way we interact with artificial intelligence. From language generation to Q&A, ChatGPT is capable of handling a wide range of tasks with accuracy and efficiency. Get ready to learn about this fascinating technology and discover the possibilities it holds for the future.


Everything you just read was written by AI…  

AI is hurling itself over the horizon

It’s both unnerving and exciting, right? But marketing is changing and there’s a new era flinging itself over the horizon. 

And somehow, the latest edges of innovation feel markedly different. OpenAI technologies, like ChatGPT have bubbled to the surface of the cultural zeitgeist at a searing pace, and suddenly seem poised to spill over, forever changing the way we, as marketers, do business.

If you’re unfamiliar, the SparkNotes version is that AI neural networks like ChatGPT can help create new text from minimal input. At first the tool feels like a quirky novelty; a way to impress friends with a custom poem about bananas or an odd advert about shoelaces. But give yourself half an hour of toying through the prompts and suddenly, the potential of the tool is almost overwhelming.

And that’s because it essentially is overwhelming. There are so many potential use cases that are unfurling out each week, that to not keep abreast of the core elements is akin to floundering in a rising ocean of new tech. So we’re going to try and distil it down to the core elements, the main veins that will fuel your future marketing activity.

SEO Optimization

Where some elements of creation are ineffable and unlikely to be replaced by AI, there are certainly the more mundane, repetitive parts of marketing that are first on the chopping block. One of those is SEO Optimisation, which relies on dense keyword research and overall structure, which over time can be easily adapted with the aid of neural networks. In time, optimising for Google will feel more like a button press than an arduous technical framework.

Personalized Content

The capability for personalised content is huge. It’s something we’ve known about for a while, but the capability of AI to deliver augmented content is game-changing for brands seeking to build loyalty through a tailored and intuitive service. You can use ChatGPT to embed personalised touchpoints with your brand. 

Idea Generation

Now this is a contentious one, as the ideas generated through ChatGPT are an amalgamation of existing threads, rather than genuine insight. However, if you prompt the AI properly, you’ll be able to spot nuggets of ideas that you can flesh out yourself. A great tool for marketers struggling at the drawing board.


It’s an advanced language model that  made possible by its large neural network and the vast amount of data it has been trained with. It has a deep understanding of grammar, vocabulary, and context, meaning ChatGPT can generate text that is both grammatically correct and semantically meaningful. Additionally, it has the ability to understand and replicate various writing styles, making it a versatile tool for different types of copywriting projects. 

Take Home

AI tools such as ChatGPT are about to revolutionise the way companies engage with their customers, by providing highly personalised and targeted experiences that will spur satisfaction, loyalty and greater sales. 

The genie is very much out of the bottle now, so companies that learn to adapt and embrace this tech early are the ones who are positioning themselves for future long-term success. It may have its ethical qualms, but it also has huge potential upside. And while we wait to see how it unfolds, why not become proficient in one of the most exciting developments we’ve seen in years? 

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And we also asked ChatGPT how best to learn more about it:

  1. OpenAI official Twitter account (@OpenAI)
  2. GPT-3 paper authors’ Twitter accounts
  3. #GPT3 hashtag
  4. AI researchers and experts in the field
  5. AI-focused publications such as MIT Technology Review and Wired.

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