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A Quick Roundup

We’ve collected some recent highlights from the blog for you. Have you discovered how best to manage fresh leads? Or do you want tips on how to keep your social media marketing relevant? 

Chat GPT – Are you ready to sink or swim?

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Who are generation Alpha?

Move over Zoomers, Generation Alpha are on the march to the razor’s edge of cultural relevance.

But are you confident about how they’re different? Get the lowdown on which ways this generation differs from those before them…

Unlock better lead management

Creating lifetime value is a wonderful thing for any brand, but it’s not an easy thing to achieve.

So we’ve been analysing the best ways to nurture your leads into better results.

What the team are reading…

We’ve got a talented team, so we’ve been asking them which books they’d recommend. Find out what’s on their list below…

Social media has reached marketing maturity 

As social media moves from infancy to maturity, the way we use it has changed drastically. How have you re-evaluated the role of this kingpin, as the social media landscape has changed?

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